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How have you been f-list? ..It's been about ages right? I can't believe it's been a year since I've made a post!

Actually I've been around. Like all the time. XD Downloading all new stuff, reading fanfics, laughting till my ass of while reading Recomen translations. Same old same old. I'm still in the wild depths of fandom as you see. :) I just didn't feel like to write something till today. All the stuff happened and I remained silent. Weird actually. I mean a gun specialist Subaru? WTF? XDDDD Or Hina's amazingly clumsy dance routine in "Dear". I just LOVE Hina and his rabbit in the headlights expression while he's taking his job extremely serious. XD But today, that's not the thing I want to talk about. Maybe I'll make a post just about Hina and his hilarious awesomeness later The thing is *drumrolls*;


Sometimes I still can't belive that trip actually happened. I say Japan should be called Dreamland. Yeah. That's a serious proposition. Especially when I think about who we saw there!?! Just that magically... *Come on, I'm building up some tension here :P*

Me, shotax2  and amnesiacxxx  stayed there for 19 days. A lot had happened. I mean A LOT! But I don't want to ramble about that. If I try, it will last 2635761 pages long, and I don't have that kind of strenght in me to write that long. XD Believe me. Maybe later? :) I'm still trying to adapt to the situation. Oh God, how I'm jumping subject to subject and not talking about the main event!?

Ok, fandom related highlights are:
* We bought LIFE! It was released the last day of our trip! :)
* Haha, we shoot all typical lame fangirl photos with billboards. XD I mean, now we have 875523 photos of shotax2 and Yamapi *Kirin ads* taken in various metro stations of Tokyo.... XD
* We went to Koyamama's Ramen Shop! Haha, yeah, it's the place your dearly fanfic's climax point occurs. XD We embarrassed ourselves to Koyamama like hell but it was epic! XD
* We went to Roppongi just for one night and ...We saw Ryo! WE even THOUCHED RYO! @_@ Ryo The "Probably one of the most beautiful creatures alive"... Enough? Of course NOOOO! It's Japan we are talking about! Didn't I call it Dreamland? We even saw Jin!

Ok, is there anyone who was curious about all the story? ;) I know you are. Did I say something about Ryo's shockingly hansome face features? His slender body ha? *hormones gone wild* Amnesiacxxx made a post about Koyamama and The Roppongi Incident: Code Name, Ryo. XD So please go to;


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